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Artist Spotlight

Local - One of a Kind - Handmade

Throughout the year, ClaylaTLV will be welcoming local ceramic artists into our studio with a whole section dedicated to their handmade pieces made especially for YOU!

These are one of a kind, locally sourced, luxury pieces that we cannot wait to see how you paint. 


During each artists' spotlight, we will host a handbuilding pottery workshop to guide you through creating your own masterpiece out of clay. Every masterclass will be led by that month's artist so you can learn all of their tips and tricks.

Meet the Artist

Name - Ben Shalom Davidi

Studio - Bet Ceramics

IG - @betceramics

Ben Shalom Davidi is the founder of studio BET, a growing communal studio in the Jaffa Greek Market that emphasizes on learning the language of wheel "throwing".

Originally from Holon, Ben is a photographer, and craved a more "hands on" craft, which led him to ceramics. After studying at Beit Binyamin, Ben worked at Studio Choplet in Brooklyn, NY. He has been creating pottery for the past ten years.

Ben describes his style as minimalist, playful, classic, simple, "no drama". Nothing he creates is ever a duplicate. Ben is inspired by classical music, museums, and loves the color navy blue.


He can't wait to see your colorful additions to his pottery pieces!

Be sure to tag @betceramics to show Ben and the rest of us your masterpiece <3

Handbuilding Workshop

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